Unique farmsteads, hunting and fishing culture, historic relics and wonderful botanical experiences.


Høvringen is a mountain village in the western part of Rondane, 1000 meters above sea level. Høvringen was previously one of Norway's largest communities of mountain farms, with more than 30 farms operating in the area at its peak. Today the village's main industry is tourism, and there are a number of cabins and hotels at Høvringen. Rondane National Park reaches the very edge of the village and is a natural place for walks and hikes for Høvringen's many visitors.

Lesja Municipality

Lesja municipality is situated at the top of Gudbrandsdalen in Oppland.

Sel Municipality

Sel is a municipality in the north of Gudbrandsdalen in Oppland.


Sjodalen is a broad valley in the municipality of Vågå and runs from the eastern part of Jotunheimen. The valley takes its name from the river Sjoa, which flows from Gjendesheim and down through upper Sjodal lake and lower Sjodal lake.

Vågå Municipality

Vågå in Gudbrandsdal is a municipality in Oppland, located in the lower valley in which the river Otta flows, between the municipalities of Sel and Lom.